LGBTQ Content Filtering: Update #5

In this update I wanted to detail some of the interesting things I’ve found related to Facebook’s LGBTQ micro-targeting. I found multiple reports of gay men on Facebook being targeted with ads for conversion therapy. Although the number of users who saw these ads was small, it is nonetheless foreshadowing of other issues that could […]

LGBTQ Content Filtering: Update #4

So, throughout my project I’ve also been looking at how Facebook allows LGBTQ users to be specifically targeted and the potential implications of this. In the past, advertisers were¬†allowed to exclude certain groups from seeing their ads based on categories like race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc. This obviously seems very easy to abuse, […]

LGBTQ Content Filtering: Update #3

So I have been continuing to look at the Facebook ad library and policies, and I realized I have made a mistake.¬†When searching through the Facebook ad library, searching with keywords as I have been doing (like “lgbt”, “lgbt”,”gay”, “lesbian”, etc) ONLY shows ads that have the “social issues, elections, or politics” classification. In order […]