No mo’ Mozi! …for now!

The project is complete! A paper has been written and a powerpoint – highlighting the main points for presentation purposes – has been made! I have learned an incredible amount in my studies of Mozi, utilitarianism, and, more generally, the intent and spirit of ancient Chinese philosophy compared to that of modern Western philosophy. While […]

Mozi, cont’d.

The rough draft is complete and all shall rejoice! I’ve worked out several of the kinks mentioned in my last blog post and have received comments on the paper from my adviser. As I go through and edit, there are certainly several more problems to consider before I declare the project completed and submit it […]

More Mozi…

A couple of updates on the research! I’ve finally finished slogging through my thousand page “The Mozi: A Complete Translation,” which, though it moved at a slow pace due to my goal of self-analysis and attempts to go back through the Mandarin text to do some of my own translating, has been a really enjoyable […]