A Quick Review of What Judicial Dissent Has Done

Over the first week of my research, I went over several literatures on the history of dissenting opinions of the Supreme Court, and had an overview regarding the driving forces of such practice and its potential impact. Although a number of court opinions were controversial at their times and some remained to be controversial until […]

Update 2: Does the Government Perpetuate a Medical Model of Disability?

As I’ve continued conducting research these past few weeks, I’ve transitioned to investigating the ways disease foundations contribute to framing chronic and curable diseases through the medical model of disability. I’ve also looked more into how the government allocates funds for research by disease category and what those research projects are focused on. Together, this […]

Analyzing Landmark Criminal Justice Cases within the Warren Court

For my Upperclassman Monroe research project, I will have to look into specific cases that the Warren Court reviewed having to do with criminal justice in order to compile a complete list of resources from which I can pull my date from. I will have to establish what cases constitute as dealing with criminal justice […]