The Dimetrodon Dilemma


Dimetrodon was the apex terrestrial predator of the early to middle Permian. This genus is a “pelycosaur”-grade synapsid, and a member of Sphenacodontidae the most derived family of basal synapsids. This “sail”-backed ancestor of mammals is conventionally depicted with sprawling posture, but this may be incorrect. Its trackways lack belly-dragging marks and its spine exhibits […]

Time to do Science

A very intriguing pile of shells..

After having a blast out on the boat, it was time to get down to business in the lab. Whenever I told people what I was doing, they would ask “Isn’t there a machine for that?” Sadly there’s not.. In turn I resorted to calling my work “Determination of Proportional Biocarbonate Production by Taxa by […]

Sydney Harbor: Where the Ancient Meets the Modern

A view of Sydney Harbor from the water. The house are built right into the sides of the Triassic sandstone cliffs that border the harbor.

Sydney Australia is located on the southeastern coast of the continent and is the capital of the state of New South Wales. The bustling city of over three million is home to such famous landmarks as the Sydney Bridge, the Olympic Park, and of course the Sydney Opera House. The city itself is relatively young […]