Bread Science Summer Summary

Well friends, we’ve come to the end of a yeast-filled summer. It has been three months full of kneading, waiting, baking, blogging, and enjoying the knowledge that bread can bring us. I’m not just talking about the various conclusions that I’ve been able to draw from my experiments. I’m also referring to the apparent simplicity […]

Final Summary

As I wrap up with my data analysis, it doesn’t seem like our data was very conclusive. Running correlations revealed a weak positive relationship between internal attribution and devaluation in both India and the US. We also found a similar relationship between relational mobility and devaluation. These findings could suggest that internal attribution style and […]

Final Summary

Income and House Value

My research this summer has been fairly rewarding- through studying different housing communities, I learned the strengths, weaknesses and unique challenges of each. For example, Second Wind Cottages in Newfield, NY have the advantage of donated land and low construction costs, while Olympia, WA benefits from a progressive community and community outreach. Since my last […]