The Virtue of a Trash movie

There’s a famous essay by Pauline Kael about trash movies and art. One line was quite refreshing to hear from an academic: Perhaps the single most intense pleasure of moviegoing is this non-aesthetic one of escaping from the       responsibilities of having the proper responses required of us in our official (school) culture. […]

Depictions of Empire: Soviet Film and the Creation of the Imperial Myth

Всем привет, и добро пожаловать! My name is Callaway Sprinkle and I’m delighted to be pursuing this research project on a couple of topics I’m fascinated with. I’m a double-major in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies and International Relations at the College. This will be my third summer during which I’ve gone to Russia, but this […]


As I said in my previous post, I have finally finished the verse film I undertook for my Monroe project this summer. Again, it is here: This post is a summary of the process. An even longer and more detailed summary is attached as a Word document. project summary The point of this project was […]