Post 6: Baden-Württemberg


From methodological standpoint, this most recent examination is perhaps the most thorough and complete of my investigations into the länder of Germany. Each länder examined provides greater insight into the categories of materials that need to be examined, and this had led to, what I would regard, the most complete examination thus far. Thus, I […]

Post 5: Nordrhein-Westfalen


Unlike both France and Bavaria, the folks at the Ministry of Culture for North Rhineland-Westphalia were more immediately able and willing to provide guidance on the location of materials, curricula and lessons. In an unsurprising turn of events, this made information easier to find, and indicated further to me the materials that needed to be […]

Post 4: Freistaat Bayern


On major difference that I found between German and French Education Ministries is in their responsiveness to information requests. While most German ministries and individuals responded quickly and efficiently to requests, French ministries and governmental sub-divisions have still not replied. However, while German education ministries generally responded quickly and promptly, one did not. Bavarian Culture […]