Blog Post #7: Last update, more regression, and cool conclusions!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s enjoying the last few days of summer. I’ll pick up right where I left off a few weeks, detailing the second round of my regression analysis. In this post, I will describe my findings on which¬†domestic conditions in EU candidate countries are most predictive of generalized support for EU membership. […]

Blog Post #5: Final reflections from Bosnia


Hi everyone! This is my fifth update from my summer Monroe grant, and I write it with renewed enthusiasm for my topic and an excited eye towards the remaining few weeks of my research. In my last blog post, I discussed my initial thoughts on how Europeans in European Union candidate countries view their country’s […]

Blog Post #2: Examining Referendums on EU Membership, 1990-present

Hi everyone! In my last blog post, I detailed the steps I will take in this research project to determine what socioeconomic and political factors are most influential in shaping domestic support for EU membership across Europe. For the past week, I’ve taken a look back in time and have examined the 20 referendums on […]