Abstract: Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge

This project will involve both a descriptive and a prescriptive element. I intend to describe, as accurately as possible, how modern Americans actually conceive of forgiveness, mercy, and revenge, and thus to reveal the role these concepts play in our collective imagination. I will analyze popular media and related media criticism to demonstrate that certain […]

The Civil-Military Divide on Wartime Ethics

When democracies go to war, military and political leaders are faced with a challenge. On the one hand, they must be sensitive to public opinion and perceptions of the war effort. This requires minimizing the harm inflicted upon the non-combatant population of the war zone, and respecting human rights obligations as specified in compacts such […]

Final Update & Project Summary

My final project has taken on a much different identity than I was originally planning for it to. While my original goal was to sample many different sexual education curricula from various high schools in New York, obtaining such information proved extremely difficult and ultimately did not end up panning out the way I had […]