Conclusion: EU Membership Moving Forward

Hi everyone! Thanks for sticking with me throughout this summer journey. I’m excited today to write a very brief conclusion from my seven week of research. If you’ve been following me throughout the past three months, you know that I’ve spent time investigating the relationship between European countries’ domestic conditions and their degrees of support […]

Blog Post #7: Last update, more regression, and cool conclusions!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s enjoying the last few days of summer. I’ll pick up right where I left off a few weeks, detailing the second round of my regression analysis. In this post, I will describe my findings on which¬†domestic conditions in EU candidate countries are most predictive of generalized support for EU membership. […]

Blog Post #6: Updates in the final stages of research

Hi everyone! I just wanted to publish a very brief update of what I’ve been up to since my last post in late July. At this point, I feel my qualitative research is essentially complete; I’ve gone through several books, articles of political analysis, academic articles, sheets of polling data, etc. and I feel confident […]