Blog Post #1: Beginning My Research, An Epic Endeavor

As the first official week of my research comes to a close, I want to reflect on a few of the obstacles that have come up already. One of the main difficulties that I’ve come across even before starting the bulk of my research is this—epics are big! Not only is each work of literature […]

Abstract: The Evolution of the Epic

The epic is a classic literary genre that usually takes the form of a long narrative poem involving heroic deeds that take place on a grand scale. The epic is one of the earliest types of written literature as evidenced by the Mesopotamian text, The Epic of Gilgamesh. Since then, epics have continued to be […]

“Dare to Dream:” Focusing on the Future in Jinotega

Another week has come and gone in a flash of new volunteers, lesson planning, and various cultural excursions. Instead of day camp at the primary school, we were back at the German Pomares learning center with the regularly enrolled students. In English class we began the next chapter in the Backpack curriculum, which introduced new […]