Writing a Draft

I just finished a rough draft of my paper. After going back through the codes from all of my interviews, I realized that the biggest trend I saw was that students and administrators were actually on a very similar page when it came to their thoughts on the available resources on their campus and their […]

Interesting Finds while Coding

I am starting to see more specific trends as I go into coding my interviews. I see where, after talking with administrators, issues that students brought up have been or are in the process of being addressed. I see that the administrators want to collaborate not only with other offices, but with the students. Students […]

Patterns in Interviews

The past two weeks have been filled with interviews for me. Of the twelve I have scheduled, I have completed seven so far, and will be conducting three more next week. I have genuinely enjoyed having these conversations with students and administrators alike. In regards to my question of the differences in their perceptions of […]