Update 3: Diving into Curriculum Design

With just over a month left to go, I am diving head first into drafting a sexual health curriculum of my own. For this stage, I plan on returning to focus on the state of New York, as New York has a decent amount of requirements for sexual health classes when compared to other states. […]

Finished Product Post: America’s Perception of the US’s K-12 Public Education System

Greetings all, Just wanted to give y’all a recapitulation on how my project turned out and the overall process. As I said before, I spent the first half or so of my summer doing more general research and getting a good feel for what exactly I was dealing with. Starting from day 1, I stockpiled […]

College Administrative Efficiency: Concluding Remarks

This research experience has been one of the most rewarding times in my life. It has taught me time-management skills that make me more comfortable entering the workforce when I graduate this December. It has also opened my eyes to various parts of this College’s administration that I had never even thought existed, as well […]