Economics of Faith, Race and Community: Getting Started (June 6-13)

I took notes as the weeks of my project progressed. The blog posts that follow are summaries of my work, my struggles, and my overall thought progress throughout the summer project. June 6-13: Getting Started   As per my abstract, my project intends to is to replicate and then revise Jonathan Gruber’s 2005 paper that […]

Post 4: Freistaat Bayern


On major difference that I found between German and French Education Ministries is in their responsiveness to information requests. While most German ministries and individuals responded quickly and efficiently to requests, French ministries and governmental sub-divisions have still not replied. However, while German education ministries generally responded quickly and promptly, one did not. Bavarian Culture […]

Post 2: Case Study 1: La République Française

After conducting my background research, I started to collect and examine data at the heart of my research project, starting with the first nation that I had chosen as a case study, France. I chose France as my first case study for a variety of reasons, but there were two dominant ones. Firstly, while I […]