Second Update: Gathering Market Data and Writing/Debugging Computer Program

  The reason for my rather long blogging hiatus is that I was taking two English courses in Cambridge, UK at Christ’s College. In my last blog post I said I collected press statements released by the Federal Reserve between the years 2001-2008, which I would like to correct to the years 2000-2008. It was […]

Ready for Lyft-off!


My research on the gig economy has continued to intrigue and motivate me.  Going into this summer, I assumed that my paper would be primarily an analysis of the shortcomings and injustices of this faction of the labor market.  Most of the literature I had read and media I had been exposed to that led […]

Digging into Gigging

My research on the gig economy has been been progressing quite nicely.  One of the most rewarding aspects has been the vast number of references to the gig economy that I’ve encountered in the media and in conversation that were not initiated by my research.  I’ve spotted references in Snapchat posts by major publications and […]