Economics of Faith, Race and Community: Getting Started (June 6-13)

I took notes as the weeks of my project progressed. The blog posts that follow are summaries of my work, my struggles, and my overall thought progress throughout the summer project. June 6-13: Getting Started   As per my abstract, my project intends to is to replicate and then revise Jonathan Gruber’s 2005 paper that […]

Economics of Religion: Race, Faith, and Community – Abstract

As religion informs the values and beliefs of many Americans, religion plays a role in economic development. Previous research already shows that certain aspects of communities affect economic outcomes; this research project seeks to determine the distinct role of religious communities in influencing economic outcomes like education and income levels. Drawing upon the previous work of Jonathan Gruber (2005), whose […]

Track and Predict the Growth of the Rising E-sports Industry

E-sports is a form of sports where players and teams compete with each other using video games. It is mostly coordinated by different leagues, scales, and tournaments, where players join teams and organizations sponsored by various companies. The number of video game players has been growing at a rate of 10 to 15 percent per […]