Economics of Faith, Race, and Religion: Data Analysis 1 (June 29-July 6)


I am proceeding with the instructions from Professor Parman. He suggested that I do both ordered logistic regressions (ologits) and regular regressions, and to also look at the residuals of my regressions. I also used bin scatters this week and worked through my missing data issue.   I started to implement my ologit and linear […]

Economics of Faith, Race, and Community: Programming (June 21-28)


How exactly does religion inform decision making? Is a causal interpretation possible? This week, I begin to program into Stata with the Pew Research data. On Tuesday, I had to do some programming in Stata to calculate the religious density: to do so, I collapsed the data for the number of people of a religion […]

Economics of Faith, Race, and Community: Reframing (June 13-20)

Turns out, I don’t have geographical information in the GSS, which is what Gruber used to predict religious attendance using religious market density. Gruber uses geographical data to compute religious market density to then predict religious attendance. He then uses that religious market density from the GSS to predict outcomes in IPUMS–he computes predicted religious […]