Abstract: A Critical Analysis of the Gig Economy

Over the course of this summer I will investigate the implications of the growth of the “gig economy” since the 2008 financial crisis on the evolving labor force.  The substantial increase in independent workers performing “gigs” rather than pursuing occupations with long-term contracts and traditional benefits has recently become a controversial matter as the welfare […]

The Effect of Statements Issued by the Federal Reserve on the US Economy

If we knew how the economy, particularly the stock and bond markets, would react to the information and language in statements released by the Federal Reserve, we could predict the consequential market fluctuations. This knowledge could minimize the risk associated with those two markets and, theoretically, prevent future recessions and depressions by keeping the market […]

The Economics of Choosing and Changing Undergraduate Majors – Summer Summary

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Summer Summary I began the summer hoping to research the economics of undergraduate major decisions, make and administer a pre-survey, create a larger survey and build the sample for it, and then administer this to students at William & Mary.  I did not accomplish everything I set out to do, but I was able to […]