Unexpected Conclusions

Researching the gig economy throughout this summer has been far more enlightening and enriching than I could have ever expected.  My data and literature analysis and interviews led to numerous unexpected conclusions.  One of the findings I was most intrigued by was how far the impact of the gig economy reaches outside of its thriving […]

Go Gig or Go Home

The process of writing my research paper was definitely more challenging than expected.  The most formidable obstacle I faced was getting out of the traditional economics essay mentality that I have become so fixed upon.  Having studied in the UK for the last two years under an education system that permitted taking only classes within […]

Third Update: Final Thoughts

Seeing my research come to an end is bittersweet. This project has reinforced my previous feelings about research: it always takes longer than you expect. I have enjoyed keeping up with my Python knowledge from computer science and Economics jargon. The computer program was by far the part of my program that took the longest […]