Determining Added Value of Defensive NFL Players

Turn on any of the sports talk shows popular on TV today and you will hear sports commentators debating whether Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers in the NFL or if Bryce Harper is superior to Mike Trout in the MLB. The latter debate is dominated by objective stats, such as Wins Above Replacement […]

Update 3: Crunching Numbers

Well, I’ve been crunching numbers on and off all month so far.  This isn’t my last update (which will follow in another week), but it’s pretty close.  I’ve managed to finish my data analysis, and I’m currently in the process of finishing my rough draft (which I will then get proofread as many times as […]

Update 2: Why I Feel Bad for Psychologists

I’ve done research with human participants before; back in high school, I was part of a course called Authentic Science Research, and I did a fancy bit of research involving lots of expensive gadgets on loan from Rutgers involving humans.  In the end, I had 11 usable test results, 1 mildly damaged piece of equipment […]