Blog Post Two: Preliminary Movement Patterns

Hello Again! As always, the past two weeks have been filled with tracking! We also tagged a few more pickerel frogs during a large rainstorm last week, as the wet conditions brought them out in full force! Most species will begin migrating away from breeding ponds soon, making it more difficult to track them, so […]

IRES Australia 2016: Data Analysis and the Future

A sample song highlighted in a spectrogram of a recording

Tonight is Friday night, the due day of all of these blog posts.   Although some Monroe research projects will have finished a paper by this point, my paper summarizing my findings on the effects of anthropogenic noise on red-backed fairywren songs will not truly exist until at least winter break. My goal for the […]

IRES Australia 2016- Weeks 4-7

It’s 9 pm on a Wednesday. I’ve been back in the US for a little over a week.   This week has given me a good chance to reflect on my time in Australia and with the IRES program. While the rest of the IRES students are in New Zealand, I’ve returned to William & […]