Presenting the Research

The final stage of this project was creating a visual for the research symposium, so that I’m not just standing next to a table with a research paper on it. I opted for a powerpoint (to be displayed on my laptop) instead of a posterboard, because it allows me to fit more information in more […]

Synthesizing the research

I have been working on the research component of this project for several weeks now, and I’m pretty much at the end of that phase. It’s time to figure out how to organize the vast quantities of information I’ve acquired. I have to admit, it was somewhat daunting to contemplate turning my various documents and […]

“Great Singers”: where to start

I have undertaken trying to evaluate what makes a “great” singer in the classical music world, but before I can begin, I have to decide who to include under that umbrella. This project entails evaluating careers of singers who have proven themselves capable of maintaining a high caliber of artistry across many decades of their careers; this […]