Blog post 2: Society for Developmental Biology 74th Annual Meeting

In the middle of a summer full of lab work, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present my research at the Society for Developmental Biology conference in July. This year was the 74th annual meeting, and it took place in Snowbird, Utah.  This was my first ever conference, and I was excited […]

Blog post 1: Introduction + neural axis transplants

This summer, I continued my work in Dr. Margaret Saha’s lab on a project I have been investigating since the beginning of 2014. The fundamental question of our lab is how an organism can go from being a tiny, single-celled zygote to an immensely complicated and intricate multicellular organism in the face of various challenges […]

BMP Regulation of Germline Stem Cell Development (Abstract)

Every organism begins as a single cell. Many organisms ultimately consist of many cells organized into complex systems of tissues and organs that perform an array of functions necessary for its survival. But how does a single cell give rise to trillions of cells specified for explicit functions? The answer to this question is stem […]