Abstract: Broadway Choreography

Broadway Sign

This summer, I’ll be conducting research under the dance department to analyze similarities between professional Broadway choreographers and their choreography to determine what shapes great choreographers and what leads to great choreography. To locate these similarities, I’ll be viewing Broadway shows and analyzing the choreography, interviewing the choreographers about their journey to being a professional choreographer, […]

“& poem is my thank-you for music / & i love you more than poem”: Week 1 is done!

“I needed a way to understand how to live in this world.” – Bill T. Jones, Story/Time My first week of research is over, and with it a little of my doubt about this project. I spent the week researching anything surrounding the intersection of choreography and creative nonfiction: choreopoetry, dances based on stories, stories based […]

Drawing To A Close

It’s getting close to the end of the summer, and I must say I have enjoyed every bit of my research. I researched so much information that I had to finally just stop myself and say, “Olivia, you’ve got enough. Time to write.” I have decided to allow my research to culminate in a paper, […]