Corrupt Associational Life in Palestine

I wrote in my first update how the current conflict in Gaza has caused me to start and pause my research multiple times. It is a sad time for the people of Palestine as this current conflict is now the longest between Hamas and Israel. Nevertheless, the contextual background section of my paper has one […]

Week 6 Update

Hi everyone! I am now nearing the end of Week 6 of my project. I have decided to add an extra day to my 7 weeks in order to finish everything, but overall the project is going well (the World Cup only comes once every four years!) I am well into the organizational stage of […]

Week 4 Research Update

Hi everyone! I’m a little past halfway into my research (!) and thought I would provide an update on the direction my research has taken. I have specifically narrowed my area of inquiry and began laying out the subjects I will cover in my final presentation. While poring over one of many studies on the […]