Final Thoughts

My experience after given the opportunity to conduct summer research on bird-strike was, in a word, incredible. Truly. Prior to this summer, I had never had my own funded project. I had never established a scientific protocol with a brilliant professor, or routinely surveyed building perimeters at 5 in the morning, or toyed around with […]

Bird Law

US House representatives Mike Quigley (D – Illinois) and Morgan Griffith (R – Virginia) have joined forces, and cosponsor a bill that could drastically reduce bird-strike mortalities. This bill is aptly named the “Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act”, and mandates that all public buildings affiliated with the General Service Administration (GSA) be equipped with “bird-safe building […]

Researching the Business of Bird-Strike

My current research is focused on how bird-strike impacts businesses. Bird-strike is the leading cause of accidental bird death in the world, and is both an ecological and economic problem. Many businesses must deal with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of fatal bird-strikes each year. There are multiple costs associated with bird-strike too —  window cleaning and repair, carcass […]