Atlanta Metro Booming Summary Post

Well school approaches and the research is all done.   I was somewhat disappointed with the results of the research. I would say one of two patterns emerged that I was hoping to see. I did see a very clear influence of the buildup of interstate infrastructure on the population growth expansion far outside Atlanta. […]

Atlanta Metro Booming Update 7

Well, I am basically all done now. The maps are all finished and I’m just writing the article now. Unfortunately, I could discern no overarching story of Atlanta’s population growth, but instead a few interesting little stories.   The maps did do a good job of portraying the unfathomable sprawl of Atlanta’s urban area, especially […]

Atlanta Metro Booming Update 6


Let’s take a look at the Atlanta region’s income, as measured by percent of the population above median family income. The circle with a star represents the actual city of Atlanta. The darker the shade of green in an area, the higher the portion of the population with above average income. In 1960, when the […]