Final Blog Post: Results, Conclusions, and Lessons Learned

Seven weeks of research has gone by, and by now I have had a chance to go through all the data I’ve collected and make some conclusions. Overall as is often the case in scientific lab research, our results lead us to further questions or more in depth projects that are needed to support our […]

Post 5 – Conclusions and Future Directions

So—there’s the semi-outcome of my research. I’m looking forward to presenting a more detailed analysis of my research later next month at the research symposium and learning more about the projects everyone else has put together as well! As of now I’m compiling everything into a research paper. It’s been an awesome (though very, very […]

Research Conclusions

This summer, it seemed like my research was mostly about discovering what didn’t work. At times, this was pretty discouraging, but it also led to a lot of creative ideas and experimentation. And isn’t that what research should fundamentally be about? Since I will be continuing my honors research on this project, I hope to […]