Update #3: Any Press is Good Press

The most recent step in my research, defining preferential attachment and deletion for a signed network, has by far been the most exciting and rewarding part thus far.  For the first time in my project this summer I had absolute freedom to put forth my own original ideas and it was thrilling to see how […]

The Beginning Half

In order to be able to use an EEG to determine if educational videos are any good, we first have to have a setup to collect the data from the headset in a meaningful way. The first week working with the Emotiv EEG was spent mostly familiarizing myself with it and making sure I knew […]

Update #2 : The Enemy of My Enemy

Since my last post I have made two very important strides in my research; I have settled on a baseline definition for preferential deletion (a method for choosing which node is most likely to leave the network) and I have chosen a real online network that I will gather data from to compare to my […]