Update #2 : The Enemy of My Enemy

Since my last post I have made two very important strides in my research; I have settled on a baseline definition for preferential deletion (a method for choosing which node is most likely to leave the network) and I have chosen a real online network that I will gather data from to compare to my […]

Update #1: A Perfectly Random Number

I am now almost two weeks into my research project and am very proud of my progress!  My project is to create a computer program that will simulate the creation of a network (a system of elements, called “nodes”, that are related to each other through connections, called “links”).  Eventually I will alter the program […]

Arduino and DMX512: I end with both pride and some significant reservations

I have a product! It’s an arduino microcontroller that receives a DMX signal and does things with it! What it does well: Successfully receives a DMX signal Interprets the data sent by the signal Acts on the data: for my sample implementation, channel 1 dims a red LED, channel 2 triggers a green LED on/off, […]