Steganography and Conversion


Research question: The question I hope to answer with my research is ‘what is one image worth?’, and more broadly, ‘what is the worth of one piece of any form of media?’ To be precise, by ‘worth’, I mean the amount of objective, immutable information contained in a piece of media. We all know the […]

Final Summary and Next Steps

Unfortunately, after properly configuring my new Windows/Ubuntu computer, I had to fly out and study abroad in England, thus not leaving any more time to work on the Monroe project besides the seven weeks I worked both at home and on-campus on my research. Although my progress may seem minimal to the naked eye, in […]

Buffers, Donuts, and RPy2 Technical Difficulties

After creating an ineligibility mask that suited my needs, the next task before me was to create an algorithm that, after taking into account the locations in the ineligibility mask, would search and find eligible locations for valid control locations. This code would begin working by taking in the desired amount of controls for the […]