Countering Biases in Natural Language Machine Learning Algorithms- Abstract

Machine Learning (ML) is one of the most talked about fields in Computer Science today, and for good reason. The idea of having a computer derive patterns in pictures, natural languages, media streaming choices, consumer purchases and more, and then be able to make a “logical” prediction is very exciting. Right now, ML techniques are […]

Abstract: LGBTQ Content Censoring on Social Media

Social media has often been framed as a place where everyone is equal and free to express themselves, being given the same tools and opportunities as everyone else. As more people join and it becomes more deeply woven into the fabric of daily life, the biases inherent in the structure of social media become more […]

Steganography and Conversion


Research question: The question I hope to answer with my research is ‘what is one image worth?’, and more broadly, ‘what is the worth of one piece of any form of media?’ To be precise, by ‘worth’, I mean the amount of objective, immutable information contained in a piece of media. We all know the […]