Abstract: Augmenting Human Capabilities With Augmented Reality


Abstract: Hi all, My summer research project aims at investigating human-computer interaction and how recent developments in Augmented Reality (AR) devices have the ability to revolutionize the way we work, play, and socialize with each other. I will also investigate the disruptive potential they have for traditional personal computing and manufacturing tools. I’ll have to […]

An Abstract: Using Spatial Data and Causal Trees to Analyze the Effectiveness of Environmental Aid Allocation


By conservative estimates, hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid is allocated to environmental protection each year. Despite the growing global importance of environmental conservation and many local case studies, the impact of this aid is poorly understood on a global level. This lack of information is due to the vast diversity of geographic […]

Growing Networks with Positive and Negative Links: Summary

As the final week of my Summer Monroe Project comes to a close I am very proud and satisfied with what I have accomplished this summer and am greatly looking forward to continuing my research in the Fall. ┬áMy greatest accomplishment this summer was building a robust network simulation program that will be invaluable to […]