Wildcrafting Our Queerness: A (Very Brief) Look into a Queer Appalachian Future (Update #7)

In the last blog post, I went over one particular article in Queer Appalachia’s magazine, Electric Dirt, and the ways in which it looked to the Foxfire Association to reach backwards into the past and pluck particular Appalachian cultural staples to use for contemporary queer people in the region.  For this post, I will look […]

Wildcrafting Our Queerness: Electric Dirt and the Queer Reappropriation of Appalachian History Part 1 (Update #6)

In my last post, I briefly explored the ways in which the structure and the material build of Electric Dirt called upon DIY aesthetics to create a non-centralized means of archiving the queer experience in Appalachia, even if academic institutions refuse to do so.  For this post, I will do an equally brief glimpse into […]

Wildcrafting Our Queerness: Electric Dirt and Anarchist Archiving (Update #5)

The outward face of the Queer Appalachia Project (@queerappalachia) is, without a doubt, their Instagram account (@queerappalachia). With an ever-increasing number of followers reaching into the hundreds of thousands, the group’s social media presence enables them to quickly disperse news, memes, art, etc. While my research for my upcoming honors thesis will focus very heavily […]