Chinese Development in Africa: Post Two

At this point in the summer, I have begun to hate Stata, ArcGIS, Excel, and data organization in general. The good thing is that I’m learning a lot about these programs and how to troubleshoot data problems. I have run a few dozen append and merge functions in Stata to find the majority spring up […]

Chinese Development in Africa: Post One

My summer thus far has been a mess of different research schedules, family events, and vacation, which is why I have only just now posted my first blog post. I spent the first part of the summer doing the early stages of my research. For the most part, this included reading relevant background literature, finding […]

Post #3: America’s Perception of the US’s K-12 Public Education System

Hey everyone, So here’s my third post about how my project is going so far this summer. There’s not too much interesting new information to share with anyone.  The first half of the summer I focused on researching my topic and gathering data and statistics about opinions and countries. Now I’m moving on to actually […]