Abstract: The Power of Chilean Protest Music

Protest music played a significant role in shaping the citizens’ identity in that it gave them an outlet for expressing their frustrations and demands. Military dictatorships feared the impact of protest music because of its uniting and mobilizing effect, a case most clearly depicted in Chile with the election of Allende. As the first democratically […]

Final Summary Post: Landscapes in Chilean Memoirs

Almost a year since I first started thinking about this project, and it’s finally done! Although research can never truly be done, I have read a ton of theoretical literature on landscapes and memoirs, read and analyzed around 10 Chilean memoirs, and produced a memoir of my own for my final project. Some parts were […]

Chilean Memoirs Update 3: Writing

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been writing, and avoiding writing by reading, and then forcing myself to write some more. Unfortunately, most of the advice I’ve read about memoir writing has suggested that I am not old enough to be writing a memoir,  that I don’t have any life events worth writing a memoir […]