GFP sensors 1: Trick-or-titrate


This past week, I performed some titrations to finish up a set of data collection. Unlike titrations in high school that use a color-changing indicator, I was using a pH probe to determine when the titration was finished. As such, I had to be sure to calibrate the instrument properly. Every day it is used, the pH […]

Abstract: Hydrogen Evolution Catalyzed by an Ethynyl Substituated Iron Polypyridal Complex

I plan to expand on the work of the McNamara research group at the college, which looks at the use of novel base transition metal complexes that will catalyze the reduction of protons to evolve hydrogen gas. To this end, I propose to fully synthesize an iron complex structure whose ligand is composed of a […]

Monroe Summary Blog

Monroe Summary Blog             This summer, I learned a lot about chemistry research. Any result, desired or undesired, still tells us something about how a system is (or is not) working. Findings in research take a lot of work and that work can move at a slow pace sometimes. At other times, it seems there’s […]