Water Sample Collection


I have finally completed collecting water samples from high-alpine lakes in the Wasatch Mountains in Park City, UT. In total, I have collected 16 samples from, each from a different lake. Many were located in and around ski resorts, and accessing them was a fairly straightforward day hike of approximately 5 miles. However, using google […]

The Search for Electrocatalysts: July Update

Hi! It’s been about a month since the last blog update, and I’ve made a lot of progress on some of my syntheses. I have successfully crystalized a few complexes that are active for proton reduction, and some of them also reduce oxygen.  Since that was one goal for the summer, to find more active catalysts, […]

Research Update 1 – Welcome to the Young Lab

This summer I will be completing 7 weeks of research with the Young biochemistry lab on campus at the college of William and Mary. This is my second year doing research in the same lab, and I am excited to continue progress on old projects as well as take on new biochemical challenges. Our lab […]