The Use of Humic Acids as Sacrificial Electron Donors in a Photovoltaic System

Over 80 percent of global energy consumption is accounted for by fossil fuels. While global population and energy consumption are projected to rise in upcoming years, many recognize a need to reduce fossil fuel usage to alleviate the environmental and health effects of pollution. Current alternative energy sources such as nuclear, geothermal, and hydroelectric power […]

Analysis of Cloud Seeding Compounds

The most common clouding seeding compound used in the Wasatch Mountains is silver iodide (AgI). The goal of my project is to determine the degree of accumulation of these analytes in high mountain lakes. To determine the concentration of this substance in my samples, I will be using atomic absorption spectroscopy to test for the […]

August Update: Looking Forward to the Fall Semester!

Hi! It’s the start of a new semester and I can’t wait to resume research!  When I left off this summer, I had synthesized a couple of compounds and tested them for activity. Since those were only qualitative tests, I still need to perform more rigorous, quantitative testing for actual overpotentials (which are important measures […]