Electrocatalyst Evaluation for the Oxygen Reduction Reactions

Hi! I’m William Lake, and I’m a rising senior here at W&M.  I’m a double major in Chemistry and math, and I’ll be researching inorganic catalysts this summer in Professor McNamara’s physical-inorganic chemistry lab.   Specifically, I am looking for electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reactions (ORR). One solution for easily accessible storage of solar energy […]

Time flies ……

N- Alkylated pi systems

I’m a bit over halfway through my summer research period, and I’m pretty impressed with how quickly the time has passed. I guess 10 weeks isn’t quite as long as I first thought! The synthetic portion of my project has moved forward very quickly – and grown quite a bit since the start of the summer. […]

Concise Synthesis and Biological Testing of Natural Products with Potential Anticancer Activity

Quinones are oxidation products of aromatic compounds. Quinones and derivatives thereof are known to show inhibitory properties in the mitochondrial complex I in the mammalian respiratory system. They bind to the active site and inhibit the enzymatic behavior of the mitochondrial complex I. Because complex I is linked to cancer survival, inhibition thereof has been […]