Update 7: The Importance of a Clean GC Needle

This week, I began by repeating the photochem experiment from late last week. I did this in order to gather more data points on turnover numbers since they were relatively inconsistent last week. However, these experiments varied catalyst concentrations by very small amounts. Therefore, I also began a new photochem experiment with the same catalyst, […]

Update 6: pH Problems and a New Project

Last week, I ran into problems when using my third catalyst and chromophore combination. Over the weekend I learned that the chromophore I was using works best at pH = 7. The solution of sacrificial electron donor that I use is pH = 7, but I have been diluting it with deionized water. The pH […]

Hyperpolarization Update #7 (Well, that worked)

This is the first clear hyperpolarized measurement we took on the single-sided NMR. (This is a picture from my phone because we were having technical difficulties with saving single-scan data.) Compare to the second figure.

A quick recap: I’m troubleshooting a setup to do hyperpolarization, a technique that allows us to take much faster measurements of chemical samples using NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance, which uses magnets and radio pulses to give you information about chemicals, think MRI) . Hyperpolarization speeds up measurements because it increases the amount of signal you pick […]