PVDF Printer: Summary

We figured out how to print and then pole PVDF in separate processes, we figured out how to make a ceramic Olsson block, and we designed a 3D printer that could print PVDF while poling at high potentials, but couldn’t make all of the parts of the 3D printer work together in concert to make […]

PVDF Printer: Final Update

After about a dozen different redesigns of a ceramic head, we have a working one that looks like an alien head that is heated by two different heater cartridges. We had a number of square and curved Olsson blocks with one or two heater cartridges, but they all had problems with the ceramic block either […]

PVDF Printer: Update 6

As we cast more ceramics, we discovered that using a PTFE spray release helped to retrieve the casts from the aluminum molds without introducing new cracking in the MgO, but the shrinking factor and short working time were still cracking every cast we tried. We eventually decided that it might be worth trying to mix […]