Final Review: How We Care

When I decided to spend the summer studying non-profit health care, I expected that there would be an abundance of research done by insurance companies and governmental agencies.  Surprisingly, I didn’t find a whole lot.  It turns out that free and non-profit health care is not a major source of literature.  Most of what I […]

How We Care: Non-Profit Health Care (Update 3)

In order for non-profit, volunteer, free, or charitable clinics to operate, they require specialty care donated by physicians and other health care professionals.  These health care professionals volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that charitable clinics are able to help the most people achieve the highest standard of medical care – and 82% of […]

How We Care: Non-Profit Health Care (Update 2)

The non-profit health care system in the United States has grown to fit increasing demand.  According to the Commonwealth Fund, nearly four million people have lost their insurance coverage in the past two years.  This brings the total percentage of uninsured Americans up to 15.5%.  This is the biggest increase in the population of uninsured patients […]