The Effect of Water Temperature on Yeast and Baguette Rising (Update #5)

Kneading marathon!

Everyone! It’s time for one of the most famous breads in human history. You’ll be sure to find thousands of these loaves sticking out of canvas shopping bags in Paris. A french classic, a family favorite, a loaf that I may or may not have messed up many a time in my life, it’s the all-important baguette! […]

The Effect of Various Flours on the Classic Sandwich Loaf (Update #4)

The black buckwheat flour dough

Hello all! This week’s first bake was the classic sandwich loaf! The sandwich loaf is a surprisingly time-consuming creation that doesn’t get made in the home very much anymore due to the proliferation of store-bought breads that fill millions of lunchboxes around the nation every single day. One of the quickest and most scrumptious meals […]

The Effect of Flour Ratios on Pumpernickel Air Pockets (Update #3)


Pumpernickel is a dark, molasses-based loaf that retains a note of sweetness without compromising the deep flavor of other supporting ingredients (unsweetened chocolate, cornmeal, caraway seeds, and mashed potatoes). The relatively bizarre mixture of ingredients that go into making a stellar pumpernickel are manipulated by first mixing most of them together under low heat on […]