Blog Post Two: Preliminary Movement Patterns

Hello Again! As always, the past two weeks have been filled with tracking! We also tagged a few more pickerel frogs during a large rainstorm last week, as the wet conditions brought them out in full force! Most species will begin migrating away from breeding ponds soon, making it more difficult to track them, so […]

Tell Me About It: Interviews

Last week I completed the part of my research I was most nervous about: my interviews. I interviewed two family members (coincidentally, on the same exact day) about their children’s education, their relationship with their kids’ schools, and their relationship with teachers. It was fascinating – I loved getting to sit down and talk to […]

The Price of Conservation: Discussing The Economic and Historic Background of Contingent Valuation

How to Value Safety: An Overview of Methods The constant question in macroeconomics—and indeed many other sciences—is: “how do we measure this?” The most available and reliable data often do not isolate the factors we would like. Therefore, for economists to make valuable conclusions, they deploy proxies, models, and complex statistical tools. In the case […]