The Final Chapter

Since leaving Williamsburg, I have been adding the finishing touches to my book and I am proud to say it looks just like I imagined it would. Seven weeks of work has created a book that is 201 pages long and explores the disaster cultures of Japan and Hawai’i. The book is at the printers […]

One Day in the Life of a Monroe Scholar

During this last week of research I have barricaded myself in my dorm room. There is still a lot to get done and time is running out. I can hear it ticking away, a constant drone in the back of my head that harmonizes with the soft clicking of my rapid typing. Individual days have […]

Conflict in Pele’s Realm


These last two weeks have bared witness to the growth and maturation of my book. I have essentially finished the first part of the book detailing Japan, its history, geology and mythology, although, a lot of editing still waits for me in the near future. I have also made great strides into the Hawaii section […]