Greenhouse Gas Research Stage One: Building Flux Chambers

Constructing static flux chambers outside the Keck Lab

Summer research down at the Keck lab is off to a busy start, with student projects including everything from turtle research to denitrification polymers. My project involves quantifying the amounts of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide) being emitted from local ponds and lakes. ¬†While we often associate greenhouse gases with driving cars […]

Summing up the summer: Yeast is yummy.


  Now that all the data’s in, I have the benefit of perspective in viewing overall patterns. If you read my previous post, you’ll remember I noted that the results yielded several interesting patterns, but more notable, patterns where they may have been. My bros (brahs? bro-inas?) Angela and Bernadette previously completed a study analagous […]

IRES Australia 2016- Weeks 1-3

Darcy wearing the standard field gear: binoculars, hiking boots, snake gaiters, and our trusty backpack

It’s Friday evening here in Australia which means that I have officially been here for three weeks.   After 56 hours in the United States, I hopped on the first plane flight of the journey to Brisbane early in the morning of May 31. Four flights and two days¬†later, I arrived in Brisbane and took […]