Summing up the summer: Yeast is yummy.


  Now that all the data’s in, I have the benefit of perspective in viewing overall patterns. If you read my previous post, you’ll remember I noted that the results yielded several interesting patterns, but more notable, patterns where they may have been. My bros (brahs? bro-inas?) Angela and Bernadette previously completed a study analagous […]

IRES Australia 2016- Weeks 1-3

Darcy wearing the standard field gear: binoculars, hiking boots, snake gaiters, and our trusty backpack

It’s Friday evening here in Australia which means that I have officially been here for three weeks.   After 56 hours in the United States, I hopped on the first plane flight of the journey to Brisbane early in the morning of May 31. Four flights and two days later, I arrived in Brisbane and took […]

Post #3: The bigger picture

I wanted to use this blog post to explain why my current and future study is important and how it will fit into our understanding of mercury as a neurotoxin, the effects of stress on development, and the current scientific literature. I will be referring to other scientist’s research heavily in this post so that […]