Greenhouse Gas Research: Summer Results

Sampling from a canoe in the Grim Dell

With (more than) “seven weeks of serious summer fun” coming to a close, it’s time to reveal what you’ve all been waiting for…. results! After spending the beginning of the summer building flux chambers, testing out sampling protocols, and learning how to use a finicky greenhouse gas analyzer,  I finally turned my focus towards obtaining summer […]

June Research Update

For the past month, I have been working on expressing my mutant thyroid hormone receptor A382PfsX7 and a wild-type TRa1 within HeLa cells. (What are “HeLa” cells? An immortal human cell line often used in scientific research. These cells were derived from Henrietta Lacks, who died of cancer back in 1951.) This process requires that I […]

Greenhouse Gas Research: Test Runs and Analyzer Adventures

The first half of summer research has flown by with all sorts of adventures, including nighttime sampling, pool noodle shopping, and troubleshooting a faulty detector on the greenhouse gas analyzer.   A few weeks ago I added the finishing touches to my chambers by installing tiny fans inside the head-space and covering the outside with […]