Zebra Finches Update 2


This week one clutch of my finches has hatched. I am working daily to record their masses and comb through the video data from the nest box camera files. From this, I will be able to record how often they beg and how often the parent visits the nest. On day 5, when they begin […]

Cell Culturing Troubles

Last week, I continued to help train the new members and assisting with the N2A project and also started to focus on my own project. In the spring, I started having trouble with culturing PC12 cells, a neuronal model cell line that originates from a rat adrenal medulla, a gland above the kidney. These cells […]


We have a full lab this summer with ten students, six of which just started training. The first two weeks of the summer, I helped train the new members in lab maintenance, plasmid prep, tissue culture, and cell fixation. I also did some plasmid prep of my own, along with the other more veteran lab […]