Uncovering the Interacting Partners of MK-STYX in Neuronal Development

In recent years, neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, and dementia have become much more prevalent. Yet, the mechanism and development of such diseases largely remain enigmatic, and treatment is generally limited to supportive care. Neurodegenerative diseases generally involve a disruption in communication between neurons, whether by cell death or by fewer connections with other […]

Starting Summer off Right…with My First-Ever Research Talk!

A bounty of shark teeth found on the fossil pile...I was ever in search of chompers from Megalodon

Back at the end of May, I started off my summer with a road trip to Aurora, NC for the 11th annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Vertebrate Paleontology (SeAVP) and 25th Anniversary Aurora Fossil Festival. SeAVP is a smaller regional conference, and it was a great place to give my first research talk. […]

The Dimetrodon Dilemma


Dimetrodon was the apex terrestrial predator of the early to middle Permian. This genus is a “pelycosaur”-grade synapsid, and a member of Sphenacodontidae the most derived family of basal synapsids. This “sail”-backed ancestor of mammals is conventionally depicted with sprawling posture, but this may be incorrect. Its trackways lack belly-dragging marks and its spine exhibits […]