Summer Research Summary

In all, this summer was a very valuable research experience. Besides continuing my work here at W&M, I was able to visit a different lab in Toronto and see what a high-throughput, professional lab environment is like. Though I had some problems with cell culturing and with our new plasmids, that’s just the reality of […]

Last Week of Summer

Last week was my last week of research for this summer. Since I only had one week after returning from Toronto, I mainly worked on bringing my notebook up to date, doing upkeep with my cells, and lab maintenance. The Gingras lab sent us tubes of the N2A cells that we froze down in Toronto […]

Last Week in Toronto

This past week was my last week in the Gingras lab in Toronto. It’s been very valuable to learn about mass spectrometry in such a high-throughput proteomics lab. Hopefully, Ashley and I will continue working on these experiments back at W&M. We went up to Toronto because Dr. Hinton has been collaborating with Dr. Gingras […]