Post 7: Berlin-Brandenburg


In my final post for the summer, I started my examination of citizenship education in Berlin-Brandenburg, and, once again, I chose this Länder for no particular reason. Though I did attempt to collect and examine materials from all the categories which I described in the last post, I simply ran out of time to do […]

Final Post: Sustainable Design In Berlin

I’m! Finally! Done! Well, sort of. I don’t think any of us can say we will never revisit our topics again, or that our final project is necessarily our end point, but I am done writing this specific project and it does not feel bad. I ended up having a little over 20 pages, which was my […]

Finishing slow… But also strong?

Hello all, This summer has gone by so fast it is almost unbelievable. But I am finally finishing up my final project, and am nearing my 20 page goal. I have come to realize that my real goal isn’t a page count, but rather to make sure that I address all the questions I set […]