Week 10: Final thoughts and one last result


Sorry for the delay on this last post everyone, I went on vacation after the last week of research ended. While most of the last week was spent cleaning, I did have time to conduct some final experiments and ponder the current status of my projects. Project Reflections: Microwave PCR: ¬†Even though this project ended […]

Week 9: New insights

This last week of research was very interesting as I attempted a few new ideas in research while simultaneously trying to get my projects to a stopping point. While I can’t say that any of my projects have reached their completion, I have learned alot this summer and I am very excited to continue my […]

Week 8: Cheetah Polymerase

This last week was another productive week of lab work and was particularly brightened by the arrival of a new polymerase brand for microwave PCR tests. Project Updates: Click Chemistry: Due to the continually delayed arrival of TBTA catalyst for protein click tests, I have pushed forward on my one-pot project. This last week I […]