Final Post: Efficiency Helps the Middle-Class of Baseball, But Not Those at the Top or Bottom

Overview of Results

I have finished my research project regarding how wage efficiency impacts the performance of a MLB baseball team. While I previously described such efficiency, or net value, as a measure of how much a player is overpaid or underpaid, I realize that this is not the best description. Rather, a better description of net value […]

Update: Bring in the Closer, this Ballgame is Almost Over

Net Value Graph

I’ve realized recently that I have not updated this blog in well over a month. As such, I would like to provide a small update as to where I stand: The good news is that I am towards the end of this project. I have finished calculating all the values, or Marginal Revenue Products (MRP) […]

Update: Regression Output for MLB Team and Player Value

Graph of Revenue2015 and RunDiff

I am currently working on finding player values for all MLB players in the 2011 to 2015 seasons. However, this task is very tedious and requires a lot of time to do properly. Considering that it will take a good deal of time before I can find player values, and in turn team values, I […]