Wrapping Up

After finally wrapping up the analysis of the US and China teachers’ interviews, I now have a much better understanding of what I know and what I still don’t know. The interviews yielded some very interesting similarities and dissimilarities between the two countries’ teachers. I’ve tried to explain some of this in the context of […]

Code List

The following is a finalized list of the codes that I’ve used to break down the teacher interviews, along with brief descriptions. They consist of the a priori codes that I took from Dr. James Stronge’s Qualities of Effective Teachers, as well as five additional codes that resulted from the pieces that could not be […]


I am currently in the middle of the largest section of my project – analyzing the interview data. I have transcripts of the US and China elementary school teacher interviews that Dr. Grant, Stronge, and Xu conducted, and am using a process called coding to analyze them. This process involves separating the content of the […]