Art Activism Update #2

Art Activism Update #2   Hello! My research is progressing well. I’ve completely finished all the “research” portions of my research project and am currently working on writing up my findings. It’s been a very interesting journey, so I thought I would explain today why I picked the original topic of art activism and why […]

Summer Holiday 2: Art Galore

Things are progressing well with my project! I spent a long time talking with my artist and friend, Maggie, just a few days ago and we were able to complete a timeline for the rest of the art in the project. She has sent me items for the first five days at this point, and […]

Art Activism Update #1

Hello! As I continue to progress in my research, I have found that the focus of my project has narrowed down on one art activist movement – the feminist movement in the 20th and 21st centuries. Originally, I had planned to look at the feminist movement, the Civil Rights movement, and the anti-Vietnam War era […]