Wildcrafting Our Queerness: An Interview with Dustin Hall, Artist (Update #4)

Dustin Hall, St. Sebastiane, 2019, Acrylic on paper, photo from Instagram – @birdsdeadbutshesnot

Dustin Hall is a self-taught painter working out of Neon, Kentucky. In the past few years, he has a created a prolific body of work that engages multiple aspects of his identity–young, queer, Appalachian–while challenging established artistic assumptions regarding bodies, landscapes, figures, and abstraction.  Often painting on unconventional materials that are readily available to him, including […]

The Virtue of a Trash movie

There’s a famous essay by Pauline Kael about trash movies and art. One line was quite refreshing to hear from an academic: Perhaps the single most intense pleasure of moviegoing is this non-aesthetic one of escaping from the       responsibilities of having the proper responses required of us in our official (school) culture. […]

Art Activism Final Update

Hello everyone, My research has finally been completed. It’s been a long road but I’m quite satisfied with the final result. I feel like I learned a lot on this project, not only the topic I was studying but about research and writing in general. Obviously I gained new knowledge on art activist and American […]