Flower Power in the Entrepreneurial City

Cities are not so different from the garden, at least in the way we’ve come to think about them.  They can experience “growth” or “decay.”  Neighborhoods can become “blighted” much in the same way corn or potatoes can, and they can also be “revitalized” like a wilting plant in the rain.  Micro-economies can be “fertilized” […]

The Spaces of Myth. The Spaces of Rite.


Plants are by no means neutral, and neither is our relationship to them. Through my fieldwork, I’ve noticed that some of the gardeners tend to treat the garden as an a-political place (after all, growing food is the one thing that brings people together, they say). The garden is a place that you can go […]

From Design to Practice

Yarnall, Charlton. 1922. Charlton Yarnall Travel Journal, Special Collections, Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

Who makes the garden?  We tend to think of gardens as acts of design – as landscapes that emerge out of foresight, planning, and our intentional control of the natural world.  When I look out on my home garden, I can see the traces of my conscious design across the backyard landscape.  I drew the […]