Geography of Empire: Update 3


This week I continued with some site visits. I visited Cafe Schreierstoren (formerly known as the VOC Cafe), Museum Van Loon, the Rijksmuseum, two monuments, and the Tropenmuseum. The Schreierstoren is in itself an interesting building, dating to before the Golden Age and visible from Central Station, but my attention was initially drawn to it […]

Geography of Empire: Update 2


This week I began to visit various sites in Amsterdam that have a connection with its imperial history. At these sites, I observed and took note of such things as how people moved in and around the spaces, what, if any, information the sites had available about the imperial connection, and how the site was […]

Geography of Empire: Update 1

I have spent the majority of this first week of research reading. I am working to gain sufficient background knowledge in Dutch history, most specifically its history of trade, imperialism, and modern history tied to the fall of the empire. I have also studied some spatial theory, including of academics such as Foucault and Lefebvre, […]