Abstract: Healing and Memory

The themes I will examine in my research project — Healing and Memory: Place Identity in Post-Dictatorship Argentina and El Camino de Santiago — are complex and at times nebulous. In this introduction, however, I will briefly cover the premise of my project and the methods I will use. The idea for this project was […]

The (Dialectical) Architecture of our World

For my final post, I’d like to briefly meditate on a problem which I left unaddressed in my first blog post, and which has loomed behind both of my posts since then.  This blog post was titled “From Design to Practice” (http://upperclassmonroe.blogs.wm.edu/2014/06/02/from-design-to-practice/) and in it I argue with what I call the “design model” of […]

Flower Power in the Entrepreneurial City

Cities are not so different from the garden, at least in the way we’ve come to think about them.  They can experience “growth” or “decay.”  Neighborhoods can become “blighted” much in the same way corn or potatoes can, and they can also be “revitalized” like a wilting plant in the rain.  Micro-economies can be “fertilized” […]