Geography of Empire: Update 6

This week I completed my field work, visiting Centraal and the Palace on Dam Square one more time before saying my farewells to Amsterdam. As it so happened, the Palace had just opened a new exhibit on cartographic treasures from the Golden Age, so I spent some time there as well. I learned more about […]

Geography of Empire: Update 5


Since my last post, I have decided to cut the interview portion from my project. I ultimately think it would take away too much time without really being a significant contribution to the research. Instead, I will place a larger emphasis on the spatial analysis and a discussion of the prevalence of the colonial in the city […]

Geography of Empire: Update 4


This week, I went back to doing some more secondary and theoretical research, in order to keep this information in my head. It is essential for me to remain informed about the history as I visit sites and to keep in mind theory as I analyze them. Another major part of my week has been […]