Geography of Empire: Summary Post

As summer comes to an end, and a new semester of classes begins, I would like to summarize my experience with my project. My research methods for this project were heavily site visit based. I visited an abundance of locations in Amsterdam, some of which have been referred to in previous blog posts. In addition […]

Geography of Empire: Update 7


I have now been back in the United States for about three weeks, and I’ve spent a lot of time writing, writing, and more writing! In the time since my last post, I wrote and submitted a rough draft to my advisor. During that writing process, I was happily surprised to see how my data […]

Geography of Empire: Update 6

This week I completed my field work, visiting Centraal and the Palace on Dam Square one more time before saying my farewells to Amsterdam. As it so happened, the Palace had just opened a new exhibit on cartographic treasures from the Golden Age, so I spent some time there as well. I learned more about […]