Wildcrafting Our Queerness: A Quick Cast of Characters (Update #1)


After about six weeks of living in West Virginia, travelling all across the state and the broader Appalachian region as a whole, and meeting a seemingly unending stream of fascinating and wonderful people, I have finally returned to Virginia to begin the less glamorous but equally as necessary period of consolidating all of the oral […]

Slaying the Big Bad

There is a certain uncertainty that comes with the phrase “final draft.” While I am thrilled to say that I am finished writing “Morality and Gender in Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” I can’t help but wonder whether I did Whedon and his staff justice. But, as tomorrow is the 30th and the sign-up for the Summer […]

Is She Actually Getting Paid to Watch TV? Background and Abstract of “Morality and Gender in Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

I spent the majority of the summer of 2012 sitting next to sleeping people. Both my father and my grandmother were diagnosed with various illnesses that required hospital stays and a significant amount of sleep-inducing pain medications. Rather than serve people food or bag people’s groceries as I had planned to spend my summer doing, […]