Reaction to research on Alabama Football Integration (Post 2)

After doing research for a few weeks, I am now beginning to start writing on my topic. I have read a number of really interesting articles and newspaper articles ranging from the last five years to decades ago. It has been an interesting and new experience going through the archives of publications like the New […]

Race and Politics Research Part 1

I started my research about 2 weeks ago and have spent that time finalizing some decisions about my topic and  doing my initial research. I decided to focus on one issue in sports that related to politics in the past and one in the present. This way, I can get into much more focused detail […]

Abstract: Construction of American Indian Racial Perception and Identity in the Greater Reconstruction Era

In this project, I will examine the question of how the conflicts during the incorporation of the American West and the redefinition of citizenship during the Greater Reconstruction Era between 1845 to 1877 influenced the construction American Indians’ perception of their racial identity and of African Americans on the Indian Territory. In this period, the […]