Abstract: Construction of American Indian Racial Perception and Identity in the Greater Reconstruction Era

In this project, I will examine the question of how the conflicts during the incorporation of the American West and the redefinition of citizenship during the Greater Reconstruction Era between 1845 to 1877 influenced the construction American Indians’ perception of their racial identity and of African Americans on the Indian Territory. In this period, the […]

Abstract: The Interaction Between Sport and Politics in American History

In 1970, the USC Trojans traveled to Alabama to play the Alabama Crimson Tide in college football. This historic game would result in an overwhelming victory for USC, but the significance was greater than this. Unlike USC, Alabama’s team did not include a single African-American. The image of USC’s black backfield scoring time and time […]

Newly found files add intrigue and depth

grandpa young adult

“Adventure is routine with us now, only time things are dull is when the engine is running,” my Grandfather wrote home to his mother. I have been diving in to my Grandfather’s writing, letters home, and “personal abstract” written later in life. Even though he passed away in 2010, I am very lucky that he […]